Path of the Faithful

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

The Furious One, the Keeper of the Bloody Curse, the Defender of the Betrayed. These are just a few of the great Malacath’s many titles, known to his faithful, known to the children of the Sworn Oath.

Listen, initiate! Hear, o faithful one! The path you must walk is never easy, but if traversed in the correct and devout manner, it will lead you into the Author of the Code’s embrace.

The shrine in Fharun Keep hides the path to the sanctuary. Only a gift of life’s most precious liquid, freely given by the holy curators, will reveal the way.

In the prayer rooms, those who refuse to follow Malacath’s light will forever walk in darkness and never find the Hall of Faith.

In the Hall of Faith, trust that Malacath will catch you, no matter how far you must fall.

Finally, in the Sanctuary of Sacred Words, only a sacrifice will call forth the teachings of the Furious One.

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