Dossier: Varo Hosidias

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Report concerning the Imperial, Varo Hosidias, included below. He moves around an awful lot for an older fellow. Those Blackguards better pay up soon.

Varo Hosidias: known associate of Famia Mercius and sometimes-employee of her historical charity enterprise, Cyrodilic Collections. Often seen in the company of the Khajiit, Zadaza. Local inquiries indicate he served with distinction in the Imperial Legion before immigrating to Black Marsh. Circumstances murky. Some say it was to escape a court martial or similar legionary discipline. Others say it’s simple retirement. Probably inconsequential to the client’s requirements.

Spends his mornings training, either at Cyrodilic Collections headquarters or Lilmoth docks. Shows ample skill with both sword and shield—would recommend waiting to engage him until he is unarmed. Spends most afternoons in or near the Lusty Argonian Footman. Drinks, but rarely to excess.

Frequently journeys outside the city walls—always in the company of several other explorers. Probably a habit from Legion days—always travel, and fight, in force.

Recommended abduction method: lace his drinks with something. Taking Famia Mercius first might drive him to less cautious behaviors. Open conflict in town should be avoided. He has too many friends here.

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