Fargrave: A City of Myth

Author: Anonymous
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Fargrave may seem to some just an obscure demiplane of Oblivion, but it has a rich history and an important role to serve. Functioning as a crossroads, Fargrave finds itself well-trodden by interplanar travelers.

For example, it would not at all be surprising to see a mage hailing from Summerset trading tales with a Xivkyn Grasp of the Stricture. Because of this, Fargrave is an exciting locale for any keen adventurer. In fact, when last I visited there, I witnessed a Gleaner of Aubris interrogate a pickpocketing Scamp, something you'd be hard pressed to see in Tamriel's mundane countryside.

I hope that this introduction to Fargrave's rich history will make the demiplane all the more enticing to adventurers new to interplanar travel.

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