Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Long ago, a girl was born in Elsweyr to two loving parents. Sadly, this girl was born wrong, without a tail and but nubs for ears. The pupils of her eyes were split like a goat's and her teeth were flat like those of a horse. She was spurned and outcast and laughed at by the other Khajiiti children. So terrible!

Even her own parents grew to be ashamed of her, for she was clumsy as well. The girl's balance was awful for her lack of tail and she could not hear as keenly as her kin for her tiny ears. She could not hunt, nor could she steal, nor could she weave magic. The girl felt so, so alone, even in the company of her own kind.

So she ran, far, far away across Tamriel, hiding amongst merchant caravans and eating the most revolting garbage and refuse just to survive. When found, she was tossed out into the mud or beaten with sticks. They called her a monster! How awful!

There was one bright ray in her life, however. One day she encountered a magnificent traveling circus, comprised of people much like herself. They did not spurn her for her appearance, for they were as freakish as she! They taught her to play the dulcimer and crush bones with her flat teeth for the amusment of others.

Of course, the girl still felt alone all the time, but she was happy because she realized that she didn't have to be alone by herself.

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