Oath of the Keepers

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The Keepers of the Dead, the religious order composed of dedicated monks who administer to and maintain the Necrom Necropolis, utilize a towering list of mandates, rituals, and statutes in the course of their work. It all begins, however, with the oath each keeper takes when inducted into service.

* * *

Recite the oath of the Keepers of the Dead and be sworn into the service of the Necropolis of Necrom.

The voice of the dead must be listened to.

Descendants must always be directed to the ancestors they seek.

The homes of the dead will be cleaned regularly.

Offerings shall be left at the tombs of the dead.

None shall disturb the rest of the ancestor spirits.

When the time comes, treat the remains of the deceased with dignity.

The dead must cared for.

All these duties I swear to uphold upon the life I live and the one I shall inhabit thereafter.

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