The Pale Man

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

A stranger came upon our hold,
Ghostly for all to behold.
Mute and shivering by our fire,
What conjured a visage so dire,
A voice so hollow, could barely be heard,
Murmured warning with just a few words.

The Pale Man comes,
On cold wind and dark clouds
The Pale Man comes,
To snatch away your loved ones
The Pale Man comes.

No sooner was the warning sound
The first snows touched the ground.
Shrinking from the howling winds
And praying as the sunlight dims.
We barred our doors against the night,
Gathered close and huddled tight.

The Pale Man comes,
Wrapped in a cloak of snow
The Pale Man comes,
His touch will chill you to the bone,
The Pale Man comes.

As the frightful storm wore on
We stretched out to wait for dawn.
There would be no rest
Awaiting our unwanted guest.
Clutching hard our swords
At the clatter of the boards.

The Pale Man comes,
He passes like a ghost
The Pale Man comes,
Vanishing without a trace.

At last our night did end
Without the visitation portend.
As our vigilance began to fade
I turned to where the stranger laid.
But they were nowhere to be seen
Nothing remained, just an icy sheen.

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