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Author (in-game): Anonymous

One of the few famous traveling Argonian bards, Soft-Beak, brought this unique specimen of the vossa-satl to the college in the 3rd century. To this day, it is regarded as one of the most difficult instruments to master.

Over the centuries, it was most often used for hazing than playing—at one point senior students would tell fledgling bards that they should take up the vossa-satl, as it was easy to learn and certain notes would make any Argonian swoon in their favor. If it didn’t make the right sound, it was because they weren’t blowing with enough spittle.

Bards College staff did eventually put a stop to this, and this particular instrument was taken up with pride as the favorite of the current Adjunct Professor of Argonian Music Theory, Twains-the-Night.

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