Join Dragonstar Caravan Company!

Author: Anonymous
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Want to be a part of something big and important? Want to earn gold and wear an impressive-looking uniform? Then we have a position for you!

The Dragonstar Caravan Company needs tough, competent, capable men and woman to join our evergrowing force of caravan guards. If you can look so menacing that you never have to draw your weapon, we want to talk to you. And if all else fails and weapons must be drawn, we want to know that you can use that weapon and win any battle.

Desired skills: Strong, ornery, heartless, loyal, capable of following orders, able to think for yourself when on a run, intimidating, and inclined to end an impending threat before it turns into a hostile situation.

Talk to Proctor Finemo in the town of Dragonstar. We look forward to making you part of the Caravan Company family!

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