The Class Script Conundrum

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Through friends and fellow chroniclers across the guild, I’ve heard about mystical parchment pieces showing up in curious locales. These “scraps” are magically inclined in the same way as signature scripts, the Dragon’s specialty.

It appears that treasure troves from numerous sources are now being “improved” by the addition of these parchment pieces. So far I’ve heard reports that they can be acquired from:

– Ancient dungeons
– Battlefields between adventurers
– The front in Cyrodiil
– The battle arenas in locales like the Maelstrom or Dragonstar Arena
– Large scale adventurer trials like the assault on Cloudrest or the delve into the Halls of Fabrication
– Even the caches rewarded from from master writs!

A most puzzling conundrum, perfectly formed from that perfidious Dragon’s pate! I wish you luck in finding a solution to her mystical madness!

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