Guthrag’s Mask

Author: Anonymous
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Perhaps the most famous Orc diplomat was Guthrag Stone-Talker of the late 9th and early 10th centuries of the First Era. His powerful oration delayed the siege of Orsinium for more than a decade, but the inevitable happened when he died on the way to Daggerfall.

Despite Guthrag’s skills at negotiation, the tales of his enchanted mask are more compelling. According to legends, the mask could transform an Orc’s visage into something more appealing to an observer. But sometimes even greater powers were attributed to the mask. Ambassadors and spies used Guthrag’s Mask over the centuries to promote the Orsimer cause in foreign lands.

The last recorded owner of the mask was the mysterious Chief’s Eye of Fharun Stronghold. The power of the mask was broken when an arrow pierced the mask and plunged into the master spy’s forehead. Even bereft of power, the mask remains an item of historical significance.

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