The Meaning of the Hidden Fawn

Released In:
Author (in-game): Druid Anouk

As lightning finds its form as it strikes the ground, so do the energies of nature manifest in whichever shape best fits them. Asking why guides of the ancient Stonelore druids took the form of a fawn is akin to questioning the shape of birds or the color of the wind. Read quietly and let the wisdom of Druid Anouk flow into your mind.

As the stories go, Druid Geonard was walking along the Path of the Salt Wind when a small spectral fawn stepped out of a crevice between the rocks. And there it stood, visible only to his eyes for eight sunrises. On the ninth, the fawn disappeared. In its place, lay a round stone smoothed by the wind and salt spray. Druid Geonard kept the rock close and meditated on it with the Spirit of Stone, learning its history and secrets. He learned of the crystals growing within the fawn’s gift, of its life beneath the earth, and of the forces that brought it slowly to the surface. When Druid Geonard’s life came to an end, he was laid to rest with the stone centered above his heart. The Spirit of Stone can guide young acolytes’ minds to Druid Geonard’s resting place, now in a cavern of such crystals. The beauty of which always brings tears to the eyes of anyone whose mind perceives it.

More druids claim to see the fawns. Their presence is tied to adventure, fortune, and the will of the Salt Wind. The energies of nature are neither benevolent nor malevolent. They exist in tandem with the waves and sky. Do not follow the fawn unless you are prepared for whatever lies ahead, but do not fear it either. Instead, feel blessed to stand in awe at the manifestation of nature’s energies, the same as you would when faced with lightning or the blast of thunder.

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