Staff of Towers

Released In:
Author (in-game): Holnevn

From the writings of Holnevn – blessed apostle of St Alessia

Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Cursed be the hands of Elf-Wizard Anumaril! Cursed be the pride of Anui-El’s get! Lo, did their lithe and wicked fingers weave the world’s undoing. While Umaril and his kin suffer a Whitestrake’s death, this staff – this sin in eight pieces – remains.

Adamantine: primordial and solemn.

Red: brooding and blood-soaked.

Crystal: profane and inscrutable.

Orichalc: silent and forgotten.

Snow-Throat: cold and forbidding.

Green-Sap: vibrant and wise.

Brass: striding and powerful.

White-Gold: boundless and eternal.

All straight, yet twisted! Bound in metal, stone, and blasphemous oaths! May these eight effigies never find a hand to wield them. May this Staff of Towers remain silent, inert, and beyond the cruel mage’s sight. Now and for all time.

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