How to Scribe

Author: Ulfsild
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A short guide, written on my final day in the Scholarium. An encapsulation of years of work, for you.

Select the Grimoire you wish to make your own.

– The Grimoires I’ve left behind cover a wide array of scenarios and magical applications. I hope you find one to your liking.
– Think of each Grimoire as a framework. They are pure opportunity, ready for you to adapt to your needs.
– In time, perhaps, others will learn from my techniques and other Grimoires might be created. I smile to think of my work living on.

Define the Focus of your Scribing by choosing one of those scripts.

– I call them “Focus” Scripts because they define what a Scribed Skill truly is. Fire or frost? Heal or harm? What will your scribing do?
– I’ve always associated the Focus Scripts with the Gryphon. So directed, so sure of himself in his actions.

Every skill must have a Signature element.

– “Signature” seemed the perfect word for these elements, as these magical components make your Scribed works memorable. I’ve discovered so many ways to allow Scribing to interact with the goals and magics of other disciplines, other schools of thought.
– I collaborated with the Dragon heavily on these works, her keen mind the perfect sounding board for these complicated ideas.
– It was, indeed, the Dragon’s idea to concept out Scripts that might adapt to the fighting and magical styles of a person holding the parchment. We were never able to fully develop this Script in my time. But perhaps, one day.

Finalize the skill by applying Affix benefit of your choosing.

– Every time I Scribed a new spell, I found that there was this leftover space in the structure.These simple mystical additions were suggested by the Netch, a way to add a little something to fill that empty spot.
– Affixes are a way for you to nudge your work in a direction that best suites you or your allies. So many directions you might take them.

Use Luminous Ink to craft your newly Scribed Skill.

– Created in collaboration with the Netch, the ink I use in Scribing is merely a substrate to the power vested through the altar. It’s meant as a kind of binding agent, a way to draw raw magicka, thought, and intent together upon the page.

Other Notes:

– Once you’ve Scribed a skill or spell, you can always try Scribing anew from your existing Grimoire. Endless variation has always been part of my intent. Provided you have the ink, of course.
– Not every Script will apply to every grimoire, but this is a wonderful place to play, experiment, and discover. To me, that’s part of the true magic of Scribing.

If you’ll excuse some tired humor: all you have to do is build a locus of power, convince creatures of pure magic that you mean well, pour their power into Grimoires (which you have to design) and develop luminous ink you’ll need to complete your creation! Easy!

I hope that all the work I’ve put into Scribing is not lost to time. Good luck, whoever follows in my footsteps. And may the Crow be your guide.

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