The Clues, Damn Your Eyes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Captain Izad

If you’re reading this, you’re after my treasure. You won’t find it in my chest, oh no.

I buried the booty somewhere on Stros M’Kai. Exactly where is the challenge; I hope you fail.

Below are all the clues I’ll give. If you’re clever enough, the treasure’s yours.

My curses upon your narrow shoulders, you Goblin-spawned swine.

— Captain Izad

Stand atop Saintsport’s star
And spy the eternal sentinel
Skirt its gate to reach the shrine
Northwest stands the warrior
Walk forty-five paces south
Leftward palms frame the sight
Of the island of iron faces
Follow the rocky finger
Through the broken ship
Find the stone ship at anchor
Riches lie under leaves in its port

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