Brave Little Scrib and the River Troll

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Brave Little Scrib emerged from the kwama mine to greet the bright, new day.

“Hello, again, Little Scrib,” sang Torchbug, flittering beneath the cap of a giant mushroom stalk. “What fun do you have planned for today?”

“Oh, just sitting here and enjoying the sun on my carapace,” said Brave Little Scrib. “What about you, tiny Torchbug?”

“Well, I was about to play a trick on River Troll, but I’d gladly forgo my own amusement if you’d like to experience this pleasure personally,” sang Torchbug.

Now Brave Little Scrib had seen River Troll scavenging by the bend in the stream. He was mean and strong and munched on her friends the Mud Crabs with wild abandon. She did not think playing a trick on River Troll sounded like much fun at all.

“No, no,” said Brave Little Scrib, “I am content to sit right here and bask in the sun. Would you care to join me, tiny Torchbug?”

“I am a Torchbug, Little Scrib. I make my own warmth and light. It goes wherever I go. I have no interest in sitting still when I can fly and fly and fly.”

“Oh, right. I forgot you could fly, Torchbug. You are so lucky. But I do not think you can fly high enough to avoid River Troll’s long reach. Your wings are too tiny for that!”

Torchbug looked hurt by Brave Little Scrib’s words. “Ridiculous! Nothing can catch me when I’m flying, Little Scrib. You would know that if you had wings of your own.”

“You are probably correct, tiny Torchbug. What do I know of wings and flying? I am stuck walking along the ground on these eight stubby legs. Still ….”

“Still what, Little Scrib?”

“River Troll has very sharp claws on the ends of his long, long arms. Even with wings, I would be afraid he could catch me if he didn’t like the trick. One flitter too slow and he would have you.”

“Are you suggesting that Torchbug is too slow? That his wings aren’t a match for River Troll’s clumsy, landbound claws?”

“Oh, I would never suggest such a thing, Torchbug. Still ….”

“Again with the still! Well, Torchbug will show you, Little Scrib! Watch as I play a trick on River Troll and fly away before he even realizes what happened!”

Then Torchbug flew away, humming intently to himself as he swooped toward the bend in the stream to play a trick on River Troll. At that same moment, a cloud passed in front of the sun and the nice, comfortable ray of sunshine disappeared.

“Time to go home anyway,” Brave Little Scrib said, and she wandered back to the egg chamber, forgetting completely about Torchbug and River Troll and tricks and things. “There will be another adventure tomorrow, I am sure.”

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