Sathile’s Research Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sathile Dreloth

I remind myself when doubt creeps like vermin into my mind: I was right. I am right. His death was not for nothing. My work will bear fruit soon, soon. We are close to a breakthrough. We must be.


More rapid breakdown on living matter than ever seen to date. Hostility of the spores increases with the subject’s acute emotional distress. I estimate double the rapidity of necrosis since the acute emotional attachment noted starting with Sample No. 902. My wards may not hold if something provokes a stronger response.


Super-isolated quarantine and twice daily ward refresh until subject returns to emotional equilibrium. Based on the attachment and distress response in question, this may take quite some time, and will cause quite the drain on my magic and energy. Will need to shrink size of wards for smaller confinement area. Will consider use of tranquilizing agents if contagion is breached or situation is deemed too dangerous.


Acquired and caged. Ostensibly ready for testing. Which brings me to my next point.


Blocked, until I can find more reliable help. Regret dismissing Dacia, the house servant girl, but the situation was far too dangerous already. Where am I supposed to coax dependable help from? Slaves do not meet my needs and ask far too many questions. I’ve heard even Federo has had trouble keeping on mercenaries these days. But I don’t need a mercenary. I don’t even need more lab assistants. I need another me. And I’d work on that problem, but I’ve had my hands full with this one for the last twenty-odd years.

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