Troll Socialization Research Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Entry One: It worked! By mimicking troll behavior and mannerisms, I have gained the trust of the trolls in Crestshade Mine. Though I’m still keeping a healthy distance, the trolls have seen me and have not attacked.

Entry Two: I’ve made great progress in my interaction with the trolls. I’ve moved deeper into the mine to better observe them and I can now walk freely among them. I was right. Trolls can be socialized. We might one day live in harmony with them.

Final Entry: I have finally won the confidence of the troll patriarch. Grimtooth. My work here is done. I wish you could have been here, Gothurg, but I’ll see you soon in Shornhelm. I’m going to give Grimtooth a hug goodbye and then I’m on my way.

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