Ushenat’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ushenat Iceheart

This book used to be called “Study Notes – Ushenat Iceheart”

So far, I am quite pleased with the use of painful cold in turning people onto the path of Trinimac’s holy light. That idiot Graguz and his “application” of fire has a poor survival rate. Fire panics people. A panicked person cannot be reasoned with. Part of a true conversion is to get into the candidates minds, show them a way out of their fear, or give them a way out.

I think I have found a solid method. (Ha, A pun. Solid. Ice.) Rooting the individual and trapping them through the new ice bindings I have worked on is painful without panickng them. The added psychological benefit of giving them the option to end their mild (in my opinion) torment, was a bit brilliant on my part, if I do say so myself. I must send a note to Hengart, to thank him for the design of the switches and ice table areas.

My latest plan is a variation and so far, I am pleased at the tension of the mind it is bringing, I took two candidates and each has the option to hit their switch – thereby freeing the other person. Genius! This plays with their minds – the guilt of the survivor will open the path for Trinimac’s light, allowing them to see that they did the right thing. They will accept Trinimac more fully because they cannot accept that they caused another to die. The miind and soul will belong to Vosh Rakh, and Trinimac.

This dual method is a bit slower, but I confess, I am enjoying watching their individual resolve start to crumble.

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