Shadow of Rahjin

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

According to legend, a young and foolish bard bargained with Rahjin for power to seduce any person he wished with his songs. This must have amused the trickster god, because he sent one of his seven shadows to brush the strings of the young man’s lyre. However, such deals always come with a price. While the young man could inspire lustful passion, his songs stoked equally jealous fury in cuckolded rivals. For a time the young bard’s luck held out and even provided him material for tales of challenges, duels, and midnight escapes. But luck is a wheel that turns and it turned on him. He was killed and the lyre passed to another. Sooner or later another musician discovered how to activate its secret and met the same eventual fate. So the cycle repeated itself over the centuries. Although the college has thoroughly tested and warded the Shadow of Rahjin since acquiring it, those wishing to play the lyre do so at their own risk.

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