Artifact Record: Opal Charm

Released In:
Author (in-game): Chief Archivist Bartholomew

After the ouster of Count Geraldi of Daggerfall for espousing veneration for the Daedric Prince Meridia, the Knights of the Silver Rose were tasked with rooting out any heretical items or persons from his holdings. While most of the count’s servants proved to be Divine fearing people, the order discovered that the cadre of artists with whom the count offered patronage were not so pure. Among the cult’s possessions was an engraved opal about the size of a hen’s egg. The stone was set in gold and hung from a chain. Mages of our order immediately identified it as immensely magically, radiating chromatic light capable of illuminating its entire shrine even while sitting idly on its altar.

I have further assessed the charm and found it to be capable or far more than a pretty light show. The stone is deeply connected to Meridia’s realm and the light it emits is pulled directly from the Colored Rooms. With some mastery the charm can project objects at a distance made from light. They are not simple illusions, but physical conjurations made from the energies of the Colored Rooms. These conjurations tend to dissipate quickly without devoting considerable focus to maintain them.

Another less obvious property of the charm is its hold over the living, the Lady of Life and Light does love her conformity after all. The Opal Charm can unify the life forces of living things, as we discovered during the attempted executions of the cultists. Until we were able to finally kill the artifact’s bearer—the count as it turned out—with considerable effort, none of the others bound to the charm would succumb to their wounds. We were fortunate such a powerful object did not find its way into the hands of a more formidable enemy before we confiscated it.

Cataloged by Chief Archivist Bartholomew

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