The Vashabar Threat

Author: Scout Brittia Conconius
Released In:

Report from Scout Brittia Conconius to the Honorable Tribune Alea.

I fear the denizens of Vashabar within the new forest (which they call “Dawnwood”) may be more than the idle tree-lovers we originally perceived them to be. The settlement is built atop Ayleid ruins and thoroughly ensconced in thick green foliage and wild growth that has never been seen in the region before. As we are dealing with Wood Elves, I find this development both disturbing and vaguely threatening.

I spent several days observing the movements of the Wood Elves in Vashabar, as instructed. Remaining unseen in the forest was not difficult, but the excessive greenery did not ease my mind as to what the Wood Elves intend for West Weald. The size and density of the trees is shocking, especially given how recently the forest sprang up. It does not bode well for the farmlands and vineyards that feed Colovia.

As for the Wood Elves themselves, many of them appear to be simple laborers and gatherers. Their ranks also include capable hunters. They do not seem overly inclined toward violence, but I do not doubt their ability to use these weapons against any of their perceived enemies. Moreover, the hunters enjoy regular target practice.

They typically use leather targets and painted animal hides, but I once saw them use a standard-issue Legion helmet as a target. They laughed with glee when a particularly gifted archer shot the plume off the top. I do not know how they acquired the helmet, and I loathe to dwell on it.

As I have illustrated above, we must not forget the Wood Elves’ proficiency with ranged weapons. Any Legion troops patrolling the border of the new forest should be heavily armored and ordered to keep their helmets on whenever they are in sight of the thick trees.

A good portion of the Wood Elves also show a zealous devotion to their king, Nantharion. He is the greatest cause for concern. Through his charismatic leadership, he was able to unite multiple clans of Wood Elves to form a new settlement nearly overnight. His reputation alone may attract more followers to the region. This is certainly grounds for further surveillance and Legion reinforcements along the border of the forest.

If given the chance, I believe Nantharion would gladly expand the bounds of Vashabar, snaking his roots into the fertile land of Colovia. Under no circumstances should he be left unchecked.

Until I receive new orders, I will continue my observations. I diligently await your further instruction.

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