Mazandi’s Rift Tracking

Author: Mazandi
Released In:

This book was added in the Scrivener's Hall dungeon.

Hunting Grounds

Opened: 1st Last Seed 2E 570
Closed: 1st Last Seed 2E 570


Opened: 2nd Last Seed 2E 570
Closed: 31st Last Seed 2E 570

Scuttling Void

Opened: 28th Sun's Dawn 2E 570
Closed: 30th Sun's Dusk 2E 576

Colored Rooms

Opened: 1st Hearthfire 2E 570
Closed: 1st Hearthfire 2E 571


Opened: 2nd Hearthfire 2E 571
Closed: 25th Evening Star 2E 573

The Deadlands

Opened: 7th Hearthfire 2E 576


Spiral Skein

Opened: 13th Mid Year 2E 580


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