Pickle’s Treats

Author: Anonymous
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You'd think after all these years he'd have this recipe memorized. My fool husband can go on daring adventures and perform heroic deeds, but apparently remembering a few ingredients poses too much of a problem for him! He's lucky I love him. This is for you, Viggol! If you're reading this, consider me impressed. Here are the ingredients and instructions needed to make Pickle's treats if (and when) he runs out. He'll know if you get it wrong, too, so make sure you follow the recipe exactly! Don't just throw everything into a pot and call it done. That dog puts up with a lot from you. The least you can do is make sure he gets his favorite treat, right?


-Two heaping handfuls of mashed pumpkin
- Three chicken eggs
- Half of a sack of flour
- Season with cinnamon

- Mix!

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