Against the Snakes

Author: Denskar
Released In:

Been thinking about our fight against the Akaviri. I've got opinions. Think I'll write them down.

The whole damned war could have been avoided if those idiots in Windhelm had the sense to throw the Snakes back into the sea. Shor take them!

Still wish Jorunn had moved to reinforce Windhelm. Lost some good men that day.

Jorunn fortified Riften, but the Snakes rolled right past. Why go straight to the Ashlands?

The fighting south of Riften, north of Fort Virak, isn't given enough respect. Those men were pinned and outmanned, and still they held.

Wulfharth was the only reason the men kept fighting that day. Jorunn was just a pup. He couldn't rally a mead hall.

The Snakes push into Stonefalls after the fall of Fort Virak. Why? What were they after?

Heard rumors some of the Dark Elves turned their blades on the Shellbacks at first. Couldn't stand the thought of being rescued by Argonians. Damned fools.

Shor take the whole Snake island. Let them send another tiger demon! We'll take them again!

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