Quartermaster’s Report

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

To: Surii Dreth

Regarding: Mine Costs, Workers

Against my better judgment, I’ve followed your orders and compiled the following report on mining operations costs, specifically regarding worker costs.

Trained Miner: 15 gold/day, plus 10 gold/day rations
Argonian Miner: 10 gold/day, plus 8 gold/day rations
General Worker: 8 gold/day, 8 gold/day rations
Indentured Servant: 0 gold/day, 4 gold/day rations. Oversight: 1/10 gold day
Goblin: 0 gold/day, 1 gold/day rations. Oversight: unknown

Trained miners and Argonians produce about the same amount of quality work per day, which is at least double that of a general worker’s output. Indentured servants’ output varies wildly, but on a long-term basis, they seldom produce more on average than a general worker and almost never remain with the mine after their period of indenture ends.

Goblins are a wild card. So far, they dig like maniacs and have absolutely no interest in anything they pull out of the mine (see my other notes on Employee Theft), and they work for scraps. But I have heard rumblings, particularly from their shamans. They are unpredictable, and I suggest we use them sparingly and only for short periods of service.

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