Druid Fables: The Proud Faun

Released In:
Author (in-game): Archdruid Ilyes

As told by Archdruid Ilyes.

Faun was the cleverest of all the creatures in the forest. His hooves were swift and agile, letting him spring from one rock to another without ever slipping or touching the ground. His fur was sleek and glossy. His horns were delicately curved and symmetrical. All these things, the Faun knew. But, he also knew how smart he was. How easily he could convince the other forest creatures to do his bidding. How his thoughts sped forward like foam atop a wave.

One day, while Faun was bounding through the undergrowth, he stepped into a snare which pulled tightly around his hoof with a sudden crack. Surprised, he kicked out with the trapped hoof as the snare lifted him into the air and dangled him some distance above the forest floor.

He struggled and kicked with powerful legs, but the rope held tight. He twisted and thrashed, but the rope tugged at the beautiful curly fur Faun was so proud of and ripped it away. Faun hung in the air and struggled to hold back tears.

Snake, the smallest and quietest of all the forest’s animals, woke to the sound of Faun’s sobs. “My dear Faun, whatever is the matter?” she asked.

Faun, who had not known Snake was near, quickly collected himself. “Nothing, dear Snake.” For his pride would not allow him to show weakness to a creature with neither fur nor hooves.

“You appear to be hanging in midair.”

“As was my intent, dear Snake. For I much desired a nap and could not rest comfortably on the ground.”

“There is a rope about your ankle.”

“Of course there is, dear Snake. How else would I manage to lift myself so high? Your feeble mind probably could not comprehend such a feat.”

Snake tried one last time, “Would you like help getting down?”

“Why would I want your assistance? A creature such as you without hands or hooves? No, you would never be able to help me, even if I desired it.”

“Very well. Then I’ll leave you to your rest.”

Faun watched Snake start to leave and desperately battled his pride. He could see no other creature nearby and he was getting dizzy and kind of sick from hanging upside down. Faun could barely think but he needed to do something.

“Snake!” Faun called.

“Yes, Faun?” said Snake.

“Should you happen to see a knot of rope on the ground and feel an urge to untie it, do not suppress that urge.”

Snake smiled wickedly, recalling all of Faun’s haughtiness whenever they encountered one another. “Now why would I do that, dear Faun? Untie a knot of rope? I wouldn’t want to disturb your rest.”

And there Snake left Faun, hanging in midair above the forest floor—too proud and self-assured to even ask properly for help.

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