The Blessed Dagger

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Once, a maiden prayed to Leki for guidance.

"Blessed saint of the spirit-sword," said the maiden, "send me a sign! Do I follow my mother's order to marry, or do I resist?"

Her intended husband was a much older man, who was said to have killed his former wives by means so cleverly concealed, nothing could be proven. And yet, his prestige amongst the nearby towns was so high, no one dared refused to negotiate a bride-price with him.

The maiden, whose name was Zarrineh, knelt at the shrine for a full night and a day before returning to her village. She'd heard no answer, and as the time for her wedding drew near, she despaired.

On the night before her wedding, Zarrineh dreamt she was a fisherwoman, casting her net into the sea and drawing it in. Each time she drew the net into the boat, she saw a flash of silver that was not a fish's scale. On the third draw, she examined the silver flash and realized it was a small dagger, with a carved handle of ironwood.

When she awoke, Zarrineh found such a blade beneath her pillows, though she knew it had not been there before.

And so, Zarrineh's husband found himself unable to dispose of his new bride with the same ease as his previous wives. For when she showed him the blade and told of her prayers to Leki, he realized Zarrineh was protected by the saint.

They lived together many years, and he treated Zarrineh well, always mindful of the blessed dagger in her keeping.

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