The Battle of Molag Beran

Author: Anonymous
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(Dunmer Traditional Ballad)

Did you come to hide from war,
Or come to herd the guar,
Or were you with the House Guard
At the Battle of Molag Beran?
For I was there, and fought and cried,
And tasted blood and thunder.
I stood in line with mace and shield
As Dunmer clan slew Dunmer.

The guard of House Retheran
Were bright arrayed for battle.
They came in pride, in columns wide,
But ran like frightened cattle.
We stood our ground on Tadras Banks,
Then turned their flanks and roweled them.
The field was bright with cousin's blood
Spilled by doughty Drenim.

We lost some gallant gentlemen
From ranks of brave House Drenim.
And many a wand'ring widow weeps
On the hills of Molag Beran.
Some fell for wrong, some fell for right,
All for the colors wearin',
And many bade the world good-night
At the Battle of Molag Beran.

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