Keystones of Loriasel

Author: Anonymous
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While one can’t use rumors as a basis for facts, they serve as a conduit to the past.

Long ago, my people were powerful and learned. Xanmeers, the pyramids scattered throughout the marshes, were our creations, though details of their construction have long since passed from memory. We now see around us proud structures we once built, filled with our own Magicka.

Keystones are found in many of the Barsaebic Ayleid ruins, but only in ruins that touch lands where our ancestors lived. Tales abound of Ayleids gathering power from their captives through torment and fear. They describe a process in which Magicka is infused into stones: artifacts that were Ayleid in nature, but not Ayleid in origin.

I theorize these keystones hold Argonian Magicka tied to our history and essential for our protection. Nowhere else in Tamriel have any keystones been found; they are connected with Argonian history and indeed, our future.

Three keystones were taken from the ruins of Loriasel in Shadowfen and dispersed for study. Unfortunately, the first to examine the keystones suffered nervous conditions that ended their lives. It appears only certain individuals, such as the Kothringi, can handle them for any length of time without suffering ill effects.

Another aspect of the keystones, unique in my experience, is their cl—

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