Ode to Vaermina

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

O, Vaermina, Lord of Nightmares,
Serpent wound around my slumber,
Let me dream of horrors vile.
Let me walk in your domains.

Let me dream of torments dire,
Of flesh stripped bare to bone beneath.
Of things that squirm beneath the skin,
Of screaming ghosts behind my eyes.

Let me wander in your lands,
Of shifting soil and broken souls.
Let me dance within your torpor,
Let me twist within its gyre.

Let your Omens stalk the night,
And gather up the sleeping fools.
They steal their hopes and dreams and lies,
And bring them back to strengthen you.

Let your poison taint the world,
And claim the sleep of those who dream.
Let their fears consume their souls,
And send them into madness dire.

Let me slumber, deny me rest,
Let the madness creep within,
Let my heart embrace your darkness,
O, Vaermina, hear my plea!

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