Research of Salora Adlaron

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While my colleagues in the Saraathu Tong waste their time with the myriad questions and mysteries of Fargrave, I, Salora Adlaron, chose to spend it productively. In the name of this endeavor, I have selected one question to focus on. My journey has one goal, to uncover the origins of the lucent crystals which are integral to Fargrave’s infrastructure. To clarify, the function of the lucent crystals is of little importance, instead I seek to understand how they form and where they originate.

Given that there are so many lucent crystals in Fargrave and what remains of its surrounding realm, its safe to assume that the crystals have some tie to this location. After all, they are not frequently found in the other planes of Oblivion. Thus, the crystals must be endemic to Fargrave.

The first theory I tested was that the crystals are born from the sands surrounding Fargrave itself. As I predicted, the process of heating this sand produced a sort of glass. Preliminary experiments show that the glass has some aesthetic merits, but none of the energy-storing properties of the lucent crystals. Unsurprised, I gave the glass to an artisan and returned to my notes.

My second theory, which I am in the process of testing now, is that the lucent crystals originate from a location outside Fargrave called the Lucent Citadel. As the name suggests, there are a plethora of lucent crystals in the citadel, but finding a large quantity of crystals is not the same as discovering their origin.

I hoped that in my travels through the citadel, I would find a colossal lucent or a nexus of magical energy which solidifies into the now familiar sight of the lucents. These would provide obvious and indisputable evidence to support my theory. Unfortunately, my esoteric endeavors rarely lead to obvious and indisputable conclusions.

What I can confirm is that there is a higher than usual collection of lucent crystals in the citadel. They range in size and shape, but almost all of them are not storing the quantities of energy seen in the lucents of Fargrave. Perhaps there is something within the citadel which attracts the lucents. Whatever it is, it could have a way to attract the crystals here instead of forming the crystals.

If this new theory is correct, then the crystals have some as of yet unknown origin. In a way, this means my theories have thus far been incorrect. But, in searching them out, I may have discovered something new about the lucent crystals that my colleagues do not know. I will have to stay here to study them further.

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