Almalexia and the Mudcrab

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

A traditional Dunmer tale

There was once a mudcrab who suffered much. He had a limp and a hacking cough. His shell was misshapen, causing him pain. He was weary at all times, and told everyone he was surely dying. He roamed the valley one day, complaining to any who would listen.

The shalk created a brace from part of his shell and offered it to the mudcrab. “Here, mudcrab, try bracing your leg,” he advised.

“No, no, no,” said the mudcrab, “I have tried that and it does not work.”

“Mudcrab,” said the alit, “let me bite on your shell and crack it just a bit to relieve the pressure.”

The mudcrab said, “You are trying to trick me, alit! You just want an easy snack!”

Almalexia, who was roaming the land that day, heard these conversations and entered the valley, where she appeared as a humble guar.

“Mudcrab,” she said, “take this draught I have made for your cough.”

“Guar, you are not a healer. It is better to suffer than risk a poor remedy,” replied the mudcrab.

And Almalexia revealed herself to the creatures, who gasped in surprise. “Mudcrab,” she said, “all of these creatures have offered you help, but you refuse. You are in love with complaining, and you will never be healed.”

And so Almalexia teaches us that you cannot aid the unwilling.

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