Sentient Beasts of the Gallery

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

A work in progress on the sentient creatures contained within the Feral Gallery, contributed to by the Ciphers of the Eye who attend to the creatures in question.


Natural Habitat: Mundus.

Preferred Climate: Libraries and lecture halls.

Information: An Imperial male of average age and build. He once wielded great magics but has seemingly forgotten the techniques. The author of such works as “On Oblivion” and “Secrets Overheard in Apocrypha.” as well as a consultant for “The Doors of Oblivion,” Morian was a mage of exceptional power and education. He lectured at the Arcane University as a professor of Transliminal Studies wherein he met both Seif-ij Hidja and Divayth Fyr. Please consult Morian’s previous works to better understand the role both of these mortals played in his life.

Morian Zenas reportedly traveled through Ashpit, Coldharbour, Moonshadow, and Quagmire before settling in Apocrypha. He has not left. It is speculated that during his time here, Morian Zenas discovered some forbidden knowledge and now cannot leave. Some say Hermaeus Mora delights in watching Morian Zenas lose his mind here, while others believe the Lord of Secrets only delights in keeping his own secrets secure. Either way, Morian Zenas can never leave this realm, nor does he appear to want to.

Care Note: Morian’s favorite form of enrichment is literature.

Additional Care Note: Do not converse with him should he speak. It is unclear if his condition is transmittable.

Additional Additional Care Note: It is not contagious, but he is rather difficult to understand, and his diction is jumbled. For the sake of saving time, it is better to ignore his pleas for attention and fixate on your work.


Natural Habitat: The Evergloam.

Preferred Climate: Wooded areas shrouded in mists and twilight.

Information: Incredibly intelligent Daedra, Shrikes are unusually prone to fluctuating emotional states. While other Daedra are eerily calm or consistently mercurial, Shrike tend to have two states. The Shrikes in our care only display one of those usual states as they are perpetually somber. None of the ciphers who attend to the Feral Gallery have ever reported seeing the Shrikes in any attitude other than a deep state of sadness and melancholy.

Care Note: Do not pity the Shrikes or step too close to them. They may be despondent, but they are still deadly and have lured multiple ciphers into their enclosure.


Natural Habitat: None.

Preferred Climate: Laval pools and fire pits.

Information: While Havocrels are blind Daedra of formidable size and temper, the one in our care claims to have developed a method by which he can see. He screams. Loudly. And says that whatever the sound of his voice touches, he can see. Naturally, we cannot prove his claim, as he screams often, very loudly, and as shrilly as possible. Previous ciphers thought about designing an obstacle course for him to navigate to prove his claim, but it was deemed too dangerous.

Care Note: Find a spell that would either lower the volume of the Havocrel’s speech or lessen the pain experienced by long exposure to it. Multiple ciphers have complained of ringing ears after attending to the room which includes the Havocrel’s enclosure.


Natural Habitat: Mundus.

Preferred Climate: Where the wisps are.

Information: The Wispmother refuses to talk to any cipher. When pressed, she will direct all comments and requests to the wisps around her. She can control upward of ten wisps, but she has a favorite that she likes to keep near her and play with. She claims the others are safely stored under the folds of her skirts, though multiple ciphers have collected them from outside the bounds of her enclosure. It’s unclear if the Wispmother knows her wisps are escaping or that they can escape.

Care Note: The Wispmother often refers to the wisps as her children. Do not attempt to separate the Wispmother from her children.

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