The Song of Pelinal, Volume 10

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Unlike the other books in the Song of Pelinal, this one appeared only in Elder Scrolls Online. It was part of the Midyear Mayhem holiday event.

On his Memorialization by the Water-Thinkers

(Editor's Note: Volumes 9-12 are taken from an untitled document in the Imperial Library known to scholars as the Cyrod Transitive Postscript. It consists of ancient fragments apparently collected by the same scholar who compiled the Reman Manuscript. The original source of these fragments is a matter of academic debate, and as yet there is no consensus on their provenance or date.)

"Look you," said Belharza, "behold how the Paravanics now (dis)appear, winking out like stars at dawn, and how ... remember Pelin-El when all who knew him are provender for worms?" And the Water-Thinkers spoke in ripples, saying that the (event) for Whitestrake's cognizance was the red week at Hecatomb Bridge, anon Heldon's, for when reckoning the blood rivers before and after, that was the Fulcrum. The then-folk called it the Midyear Massacre, though by following moons it was Sun's Height, a perplexity the Convalent Eradicator addressed in (the sixth?) conundrum: "Why did the Elfs stretch Middle Yarr all across summer, working Nedelings forty-plus-seventeen days without halt or repose? Pelinal shrugged and cried, IF THE CALENDAR BE ELVISH, EVEN IT SHALL I MAKE DISJOINT, and so plied his hanger that the month was cloven ... or were the (days?) just driven to Foreshore?"

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