End of the Journey

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

It was during the time of Great Despair when Saint Veloth and his people reached the land of Resdayn. For untold weeks they had climbed a mighty range of mountains under Veloth’s leadership. Many among the Chimer considered this path to be folly, but they were driven by Veloth’s unyielding certainty and commitment.

They came upon a great pass, a deep scar in the mountain covered in ice and snow. Veloth drove them onward, chasing a vision that had come to him in a dream. He claimed to see a great hawk in the sky. He vowed that the hawk would lead the Chimer to a new home. They drudged through the pass, but after a time the Chimer could go no farther. A great wall of ice blocked their way.

Then a powerful voice boomed from the mountains. “Who are you and why have you come to this place?”

“We are a people without a home,” replied Veloth to the mountain.

A young woman stepped out of the wall of ice.

“And who are you?” asked Veloth.

“I am Chimer-Friend. I have come to lead you home, if you are willing to accept my challenge. I demand a sacrifice of you, Veloth. Swear an oath that will make you a better Mer.”

Veloth hoisted his mighty hammer and proclaimed, “Never again shall I wield this tool or any other to slay a foe. I have given my heart to my people, but now I shall give them more. I shall dedicate my life and my soul to them.”

The woman turned and waved at the wall of ice. It melted away in moments. Beyond lay an alien land of fungus and ash. She began to walk forward and the Chimer followed.

Veloth spoke to his people. “We are home,” he declared. “This is the anvil upon which we shall forge a new people. One journey ends here, but another journey begins.”

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