Notes on Vulk’esh

Author: Tarrinore
Released In:

If found, please return this journal to Tarrinore at Finders and Keepers in Summerset.

My wife thinks that I don’t do my research. I do! It’s just not as thorough as hers. Before we set off for this archipelago, we read everything we could find about the vulk’esh. We know they’re creatures of fire and lava. They thrive in the volcanic depths, where the heat melts even the hardest stone. They can even swim in the oceans of fire as fish swim through water.

I assume they eat rocks, I can’t imagine vulk’esh actually getting close enough to a plant setting it aflame, and they usually live where other animals are scarce. Of course, assuming they eat rocks is merely speculation. None of the guides, tomes, or accounts delve too deeply into vulk’esh ecology.

See? Putting too much time into research is useless! Sometimes you have to just put the books down and trust yourself to improvise. Vinilisare never understands that. She thinks we can be prepared if we just read enough. There are hundreds of questions that aren’t answered in these books!

For example, what conditions created these creatures? Not magic, obviously. Why would a mage want to create a lizard that could melt the very ground beneath it? Perhaps they hail from a different realm, somewhere in Oblivion? Somewhere where the air scorches and the land burns. Realms like that exist. I can think of two right now and I’m not even well versed in Daedric lore.

Or maybe the vulk’esh have always been here, burrowed so far beneath our feet that we didn’t notice them. If that’s the case, there could be thousands of them, even here in Summerset, and I’m traveling all the way to the Systres Archipelago to find them. That would be a laugh!

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