Green Pact Song

Released In:

Deep in our roots, in times long ago
Y’ffre looked down on the Wood Elves below
A pact was made in the forests of green
Y’ffre offered a life so serene

“Protect the Green,” Y’ffre said with a flourish
So all of the flowers and trees we did nourish
“And it will become your true home in turn”
So farming and sowing and reaping were spurned

Here in the Green, all plants survive
Leaves, and petals, and new buds can thrive
We hunt for our food, with arrows aimed true
And when we need rest, Y’ffre makes do

No chopping, or carving, or cutting of wood
The Green grows our homes, sturdy and good
We have no need to take from the trees
The Green Pact will see to our needs

When in the forest, take care if you please
Y’ffre has friends all through the trees
Wood Elves like us have nothing to fear
Thanks to the Green Pact we hold dear

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