The Wood Elf’s Message

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

To get the meaning of this coded letter, read the first word of every line. You'll get: We are at the inn. Hidden Room. Secret words: Orcs don't smell. In the original, pre-release version, the last three lines were different.

They were:

Trust that it's more than the mammoth or the hare.
No we won't embarrass you any further.
One last hug to acknowledge all you nurture.

We love you little echatere, we love you very much.

Are you happy with your lot in life, with all the packs and such?

At a glance, you seem so calm, so collected.

The cheese you provide is delicious and very much respected.

Inn and tavern, keep and castle, oh little echatere,

Hidden away from king and country, life can be unfair.

Room for another loaded pack upon your woolly back?

Secret knowledge, will you share what we all lack?

Words can't convey how we love you, little echatere.

Orcs know it's more than the mammoth or the hare.

Don't worry, we won't embarrass you any further.

Smell the love of one last hug for all you nurture.

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