The Battle of Meadow Fort

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kaera Metrick

From “The History of House Dufort” by Kaera Metrick, House Historian and Chronicler

The final battle took place at what was then known as the Meadow Fort, a smaller holding built by Harabant (later the first Baron Dufort) in the Oldstone Wood. The battle started at dawn and went without surcease until sunset.

Harabant’s famed sword, Redheart was broken during the last hour of the battle. Despite this, the great warrior defeated the dread sorcerer Fellbore by hurling the blade and driving it through the evil one’s black heart. Harabant lost his hand from the wounds suffered in the battle and subsequently became known as Harabant Handless until he was elevated to a barony.

It was said that he had the blade of his greatsword melted down and crafted into a hand to replace the one he’d lost. Many of his subjects attested to his irritability and were bruised by that very hand. Years later, the duke replaced his ancient hold with the mighty Castle Navire to the west. It stands to this day, a place of great renown and worthy of such an illustrious family.

The hilt of Redheart was never found. The small hold has long been overgrown. It stands as mute testament to events that shaped the very nature of High Isle.

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