Tanglehaven’s Fletchers

Author: Anonymous
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Little more than a collection of huts, the village of Tanglehaven is famous among the Bosmer for their superior fletchings. One might say it is driven by their need for survival—raids from the Wood Orc clans in the area have been known to raze undefended settlements with little to no warning.

Even with their knowledge of the ways of an arrow's flight, not many Jaqspurs call this village home. Treethanes with ambitions beyond the forest might find themselves recruiting armies to go with their superior weaponry, but so far, Valenwood has been blessed with a line of peaceful Bosmer.

Now, with the recent Thalmor alliance, will the tranquil village find itself heeding the call of the war drums? Will the arrows from Valenwood fly so far as to pierce the very heart of Cyrodiil? Only time knows the answer.

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