The Containment Apparatus

Author: Pentarch Cievernes
Released In:

Using the void shard to traverse the void portals is exhilarating! It allowed me to reach this ancient chamber with its remarkable containment apparatus. Look how the machine utilizes larger chunks of the void shard. Crystals, actually. It somehow makes use of the dark energy that spills out of these pockets, these breaches in the fabric of reality. Is this the remnant of a Dwemer experiment, frozen in time?

By rotating the crystals, I discovered they serve as focal points for the energy, reflecting and refracting it. Through this amplification, the apparatus begins to stir. Perhaps I can adjust it to stabilize one of the energy pockets. The pull of the energy is powerful, but I must maintain control. If I make a single mistake, I may not be able to pull myself from its grasp.

Pentarch Cievernes

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