The Battle of Glenumbria Moors

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Who took up their arms that winter dawn,
Who to Glenumbria came
To raise their hand,
‘Gainst tyrants stand
And to die in freedom’s name?

Who stood on the field upon that hour,
Who answered Direnni’s call?
Men Breton-born all came that morn
To defend the land for all.

Rise, rise to freedom rise,
Arise ye Breton sons and daughters!
Ride, ride to freedom ride,
Truth and glory to the brave!

And when the battle it was joined
Alessians three to one,
The sky lit bright
With magic’s light
And with magic it was won.

For all they stood on blessed ground
Whence all her power came
The rocks would yield
What might they wield
All in Direnni’s name.

So children of this Breton land
Ye best remember well
All those who for High Rock stood
Brian, Ancois, Rielle;
Men of the north,
All who stood forth
Till all oppressors fell.

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