No Fuss, No Rush

Released In:
Author (in-game): Old Sculler

Or, “Hard-Earned Tips From Old Sculler”

Some of these nobles – all that money and they still want more. They’ll pay, too. But you have to be smart.

You get sent all over Tamriel to grab goods and “clean” them, take a tip from Old Sculler – get it done quick and without getting caught! Paying off your bounty takes away from the profits.

Here’s what Old Sculler does

1. Find the right targets. Somebody wants “ritual objects,” you’ll likely find them near cathedrals or on priests. Sounds obvious, right? Well, that means big cities – usually with lots of guards. Pick your targets carefully. Make sure the temple isn’t big enough to have its own guards, or if it does that they aren’t staring everywhere at once.

2. If you do get a bounty on you, don’t be in such a rush. Find something outside the city to do before you try finishing the contract. Old Sculler once made some extra gold helping a village with their bandit problem. Nobody there cared about a bounty. By the time that job was done, the guards had lost interest and Old Sculler turned in her “clean” goods, sweet as you please.

Be smart or be dead.

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