A Betrayal of Our Heritage

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nworc at-Traeh

What says Yousebh the Stringent, Red Dervish of Rihad? “A daughter of the House of Akos Kasaz shall not marry an infidel of another house.” Long have we followed the words of Yousebh. And yet now, what do we see, right here in Bergama? A daughter of a respected Crown family—that is to say, one who honors the traditions we brought from lost and lamented Akos Kasaz, Yath, and Kanesh—being married off to a ne’er-do-well son from a Forebear household. Is this to be countenanced? Is she to be allowed to bear children of tainted blood? Will they be taught to turn their backs on Ruptga, Tu’whacca, and Satakal, and mouth false prayers to “Arkay” and “Akatosh”?

I say, we must raise our voices and cry “No!” Our ancestors came into the deep desert to found Bergama so that we could preserve our heritage from pollution by Tamrielic practices. The sanctity of Yokudan culture is our sacred trust! For two thousand years we have preserved it in the purifying aridity of the Alik’r. Have we maintained our traditions for so many generations, only to see them diluted and disrespected before our very eyes?

It is said that the Magistrate is willing to license this ill-advised marriage, despite all precedent. What, we must ask, has induced her to make such a decision? Should a Magistrate with such poor judgment remain a Magistrate?

Gather, O my neighbors. For we have weighty decisions to make.

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