Nursery Rhymes of Summerset

Released In:
Author (in-game): Cuilidan (Editor)

Rhymes collected and transcribed by Cuilidan, the Illumination Academy’s Professor of Verse.

The Heritance Rhyme:

Whispers and squabbles,
Look how the crown wobbles,
The blind queen tumbles and spins,
With cat’s claws she scratches,
Brave traitors she catches,
Then hangs them all with a grin!

Boats and Bones:

Ten and fifty lean years, a pocket full of stones,
Caves and vineyards tainted, packed full of bones,
Captains raise your banners and launch a thousand boats,
Sink the slugfolk’s islands, stab any Sload that floats!

Song of Claws and Roots:

Gather sap and sharp teeth,
Whiskers, claws, and moon wreaths,
Topal brutes and Elden Roots, with knives and sabers unsheathed,
Cut their leashes quickly, watch them foam and roar,
Feed them drakes and lions, that’s all that they’re good for!

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