Hurricane Assistance and Salvage

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

To All Citizens of Khenarthi's Roost,

The Dominion's Gold Fleet suffered extreme losses due to the recent hurricane. In this time of need, please do what you are able to aid the survivors.

1) Hosting Dominion Soldiers

If you or anyone you know are capable of hosting guests, consider opening your doors to Dominion soldiers in need of shelter.

2) Rescue and Recovery

If you encounter shipwreck survivors capable of moving on their own, direct them to Temple of the Mourning Springs. If trapped beneath wreckage or suffering from grievous wounds, alert any Dominion officer to assist.3) Salvage Prohibition

Stripping fallen Dominion soldiers of armor or weaponry will be considered a hostile act. Report any such activity to Dominion officers.

Your cooperation is appreciated in this trying time.

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