Aunt Anela’s Cookbook

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Author (in-game): Aunt Anela


Set several shallow pans of boiled pig’s milk cream where the cat can’t step on them and leave alone for a day, then stir several times per day thereafter.

Strain the whey into a separate vessel, keeping the curds in their pans. Break the curds apart with a spoon, then allow the curds to dry into shards.

Stir daily to keep them from spoiling. Once dry, use these shards to thicken skimmed pig’s milk, or to add more cream to plain pig’s milk.

Bottle and let ferment for 3 weeks.

Note that you can drink the whey immediately, or use it in other recipes.

Blood Froth:

Pour fresh blood into shallow pans and place in the cold cave till nearly congealed. Meanwhile, whip together a couple of chicken egg yolks and melted tallow.

Using a sharp knife, slice the blood into chunks, then dice. This is why you let it congeal first—it’s impossible to dice fresh blood!

Whip the blood slivers with the yolks and tallow, adding more tallow if needed to thin into a beverage. Add salt to taste.

Set aside for a month to allow it to ferment.

Fermented Honey Liquor:

Combine two hives’ of strained honey with twice the amount of water, and a handful of hops. Cover and let ferment for a season before tasting. Ladle into bottles, seal them with beeswax, and put away.

The longer you let the bottles sit, the better the liquor will be.

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