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A Guide to Gathering Frogs



You need to gather the following frogs so I can complete construction of a vossa-satl to present to Captain Jimila.

We need moss-foot croakers, ruby hoppers, indigo tree frogs, and sun-blessed toads. Those are the ones that produce the widest range of sounds.

First, find a few of the green moss-foot croakers in the bushes that grow in the marsh east of Lilmoth. They are quite docile and easy to catch.

Second, look for the ruby hoppers. These rare, red frogs, like to sun themselves on stones near water around Lilmoth. You have to sneak up on them, though, or they get frightened and hop away. If that happens, the scared hoppers often hide by the big tree at the center of town.

Catching indigo tree frogs is a little more complicated. After you locate the trees where they nest, you need to gather some fleshflies. The blue frogs love them! Release the fleshflies beneath the tree. When the frogs hop down to feast, just grab them.

Finally, sun-blessed toads will prove to be the most difficult of the frogs to catch. To lure them out of their mud pit, you need to trick them into thinking it's time to mate. To do that, you first need to gather the ingredients to make a scent that will attract the frogs and draw them out of hiding.

To make the scent, you need to gather the following plants: stench sedge, salt rush, and joymallow. Then combine them to create toad musk. Once you have the musk, locate a toad mud pit. Then pour the toad musk onto yourself and use the croak-wheel. Between the scent of the musk and the croaks emerging from the wheel, you are sure to attract sun-blessed toads that you can catch.

Good luck!