House Redoran Orders

Released In:
Author (in-game): Captain Brivan

To the warriors of Scrib Battalion, including the soldiers of House Redoran and the mercenaries of Ferhara’s Warclaws:

Scrib Battalion is tasked with reclaiming the Kudanat mine and the surrounding countryside from Ashlander squatters.

Ashlanders mistakenly believe that all land is free. They will resist our efforts to clear them from the specified sites. With this in mind, heed the following orders:

1. Do not use force against the Ashlanders unless absolutely necessary. A peaceful transaction of territory is preferred over taking the area through violence.
2. Allow the Ashlanders to leave the vicinity, provided they comply with Redoran law.
3. If any Ashlanders resist, disarm the agitators and imprison them for the duration of the engagement.
4. If force must be used, make sure it is applied swiftly and to maximum effect.

Captain Brivan

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