On Harrowstorms

Author: Fennorian of House Ravenwatch
Released In:

These notes will one day become a treatise on the subject of harrowstorms and the magic behind it, provided I find the time to eventually turn them into something of publishable quality.

Harrowstorms are arcane weather events created from a mix of Icereach Coven magic and ancient vampiric alchemy. They strike without warning, leaving death and worse in their wake. I have seen the devastation left behind by these supernatural storms. The forces called forth can kill or transform the living caught within them into near-mindless shells we've come to call the harrowed, though some become a new kind of feral vampire we now refer to as harrowfiends. Of course, not everyone exposed to the storms suffers from one of these afflictions, but I have yet to determine any rhyme or reason as to who dies, who transforms, and who walks away unscathed.

As I continue my research into the phenomenon, I can say with some certainty that the harrowstorms are created via some sort of Reach magic ritual. The ritual uses various arcane components, including some sort of fetish or totem, and an alchemical mixture, in addition to a ritualistic chant to focus and unleash the magic.

I still have no idea whether the resulting afflictions represent the ultimate goal of the harrowstorms or if they are just an unfortunate result of some more insidious purpose. Nor do I know for certainty who is behind the supernatural events. More research is required to determine how the storms go about killing or transforming their victims, and whether or not there may be a way to restore what was taken from them. Time will tell.

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